HI, I'm Troy!

It's with immense joy that I can share my online journey with you'all.

I started this business venture 5 years back.

My motivation initially was to escape the rat race, better known as the 9-5! I've lost hundreds of dollars online watching, and listening to these so called "gurus" tell me how to make money with programs and strategies they never implemented themselves.

I decided that my days as a guinea pig were over, and I made a promise to myself, that I would NEVER! follow the same blueprint of stringing people along only to leave them broken and in a worst state than they were before they started. Have a look around, i'm confident you'll see that my intentions are pure. My goal is to build a network of winners!, who's with me?


Here's My Story...

My journey started many years ago. Growing up in the inner city area of Jacksonville Florida, I've been exposed to many things, that a young 6 year old boy should never have witnessed.

I always maintained a deep desire for a better life, while every other kid around me seemed content, I knew I was destined for better. Fast forward twenty years, I met my beautiful wife, and began making a family. In July of 2020, we welcomed our son Elias into the world.

I met a mentor who has shown me the correct approach to providing enough value to rescue not only myself from the daily grind, but more importantly show others how to change their lives, through the vehicle of internet marketing!


What Nobody Ever Told You About!

"I want to make money, but I don’t want to recruit". This is what everybody tells me. The Biggest Team-Build group has just started!